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Why Buy a Stealth Net?

Quality Without Compromise

People say that necessity is the mother of invention. Stealth Nets are made for fisherman by fisherman. At Stealth Nets we set out to design and produce premium cast nets at affordable pricing. Our nets are designed for repetitive use and to withstand the punishment of the harsh saltwater environment. We believe that you can be cost conscious without sacrificing quality or durability. 

Affordability Without Excess

The market is flooded with inexpensive nets (you get what you pay for) and over priced nets both making claims that they don't live up too.  Stealth Nets are made with the best possible components to ensure tangle free quality and durability. As stated, we are fisherman who use our nets pretty much year round so durability is a necessity. 

Integrity Without Measure

You can search the web and find plenty of cast nets available but you will not find any that handle easier, sink faster, or last longer than a Stealth Net.  All without breaking the bank for a top quality cast net. Visit our store at